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“You don’t need to look like an after-shave ad …” We talk clobber with Jason Williamson from Sleaford Mods



Jason Williamson is the writer and singer/ranter with Sleaford Mods, the finest musical outfit currently operating in the UK. We sat down for a yarn about style, labels and attention to detail.


What ignited your interest in clothes?

Being young I guess, getting into music, and obviously peer pressure.


Can you remember the first bit of gear that really mattered to you?

Some slip-ons my mum bought me for primary school,   nothing flashy, I just liked getting pressies and even as young as 8 when I got them I looked after them, I look after clothes. I remember cleaning them with a flannel on the sink, she went mad.


Modernism – “clean living under difficult circumstances” – do you have your own definition?

Hard one innit. You can still obviously connect it to clothes and hair cos you see it in a lot of stuff but it’s not like it was. It moves in mysterious ways these days I think. It’s not what it was, if it’s anything at all. I don’t think it is. It’s gone.



How would you define your personal dress sense at this stage of the game?

I look like a c***.


What’s the difference, for you between fashion and style? 

It’s the difference between knowing how to make sure they both get along when you take them out for the day.


How important is it to be up to the minute?

Very. But you don’t need to look like an after shave ad or a footballer.


Most regretted personal fashion move?

Snakeskin cowboy boots.


Any favourite labels? 

Loads to be honest. ACG at the minute. APC. That kinda stuff.


Dressing down. The luxury scruff aesthetic. Any thoughts?

Do it right, it looks good. Like anything.


What tiny “detail” rules, if any, do you apply to yourself? 

Balance posh stuff with cheaper stuff. Insult each bit of your uniform. Haha.


Your top style icons? 

Changes. At the minute it’s Alex Cameron. He came up to Notts to do some recording at the studio we normally use. He wore a regular Reebok sweatshirt and some dead normal stonewashed jeans with some clapped out Nikes on. Note special. Then I noticed a big old red ruby stuck in this ring on his finger. I thought “Woah … That’s how you do it.”


Sleaford Mods new album “Spare Ribs” is out on January 15th 2021 via Rough Trade
Photographs by Jerome Whittingham copyright photomoments