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Saucony brand history

Saucony brand history
14th November 2018 Luke

In 1898, over 120 years ago, 4 lads from America set up a shoe factory on the banks of the Saucony Creek. They took inspiration from the creek for their now-iconic swooping logo (the flow of water) and the 3 dots inside it represented the boulders that lay on the bottom.

Just down the road (in American terms) A.R Hyde & Sons were busy making boots for the US Army throughout WW2, as well as baseball shoes, bowling shoes and the like. They bought Saucony in 1967, just 2 years before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon wearing space boots designed and produced by them.

By 1971 they were being highly rated by US Running Magazine and a year later when America won Gold at the Olympic Marathon, running became big time. In 1977 Consumer Reports Magazine awarded Saucony “Best Quality”. The best kept secret of runners everywhere was now out and Saucony were the most popular brand of the time.

Their rich heritage has continued to grow as their product range expands and their technical innovations keep them at the top of both the performance footwear and trendy lifestyle market.