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Farah at bob greens

Founded in 1920 by Mansour Farah and his wife, Farah first opened their doors for business in El Paso, Texas. They primarily made high-quality workwear. Re-born in the UK during the 1970s their, at the time unique,  stain-resistant trousers became very popular for wearing during nights out, as they still looked good the next day, and gained a cult following. By 1972 the firm became the world’s leading producer of men’s trousers in the world, making 30 million pairs a year.

Famous for its slim, sharp, hopsack canvas trousers, Farah played a key part in the style of Mods, Rude Boys, Casuals and the 90s’ indie music scene – each sub culture making the signature Farah F Tab its own.

Relaunched in 2006 Farah has remained popular and has been successful in marrying it’s signature style with a wider range of shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts. Today Farah’s bestselling item is the Brewer Oxford shirt.

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