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Far Afield Brand History

Far Afield Brand History
2nd March 2019 bobgreens

Far Afield, formerly Afield, started out as the colourful brand tuktuk. Founded by 2 brothers, Mark & Chris Scholes, around 10 years ago Far Afield is heavily influenced by global travel – the colours, textures, sights and experiences. Be it a rainy city in England, or a tropical setting in a far away land, they take these experiences and combine them with their passion for design.

Far Afield makes a conscious approach to sourcing products from reliable and ethically sound suppliers. All clothing and accessories are sourced globally, with a dedication to high quality and ethics. They work with a variety of factories in both Europe and Asia, where they regularly pay visits to ensure that their expectations of high standards are met.

Far Afield is contemporary British menswear with a global inspiration.

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