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  • Farah brand history

    Starting in America in 1910 Farah first opened their doors for business in El Paso, Texas. They primarily made high-quality…

  • Far Afield brand history

    Far Afield, formerly Afield, started out as the colourful brand tuk tuk. Founded by 2 brothers, Mark & Chris Scholes,…

  • Superga brand history

    Well over 100 years ago in 1911 in Torino Italy, Walter Martiny started the production of rubber-soled footwear branded with…

  • K-way brand history

    In 1965 Paris the rain is plummeting from the heavy, dark clouds and ricocheting off the saturated pavement. A young…

  • Penfield brand history

    From the street to the trail, wherever wind blows and rain falls, Penfield is an icon of life in the…