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Armor Lux brand history

Armor Lux brand history
15th February 2019 Luke

The Bonneterie d’Armor was founded in Quimper in 1938 from the desire of one man: Walter Hubacher. At the age of 31, this Swiss man of Alemannic origin made the bet to create and produce high-quality underwear under the Armor Lux brand name.

Armor Lux has become an iconic French fashion brand, famous for the originality of its clothes inspired by the sea, and the commitment to produce the highest quality knits from its factories in the celtic region of Britany, France.

Taking inspiration from the French maritime tradition, Armor Lux produces authentic nautical pieces like the classic Breton stripe tops and the Fisherman’s smock. Armor Lux represents over 75 years of experience, 600 employees, 3 production sites, 50 stores all over France, following the same values: quality, innovation and ethics.

When incorporating Armor Lux into your wardrobe, it is quite easy to style. Why not pair one of the Sailor Striped Jersey’s with a pair of slim fit jeans and a jacket layered over the top? Or even pair with shorts and sunglasses for a Summer daytime look.

When producing t-shirts, the manufacturing involves spinning the S and Z yarn one against the other, causing them to lock together and block. This causes the shirt to keep its shape through washes instead of twisting and losing it’s original silhouette. An Armor Lux t-shirt could last for over 10 years and still have lots more wear left in it due to this process.

Armor Lux have been committed to sustainable development, in 2005 the brand released its first line crafted from fair trade cotton. This later led to the brand signing a certification agreement with ECOCERT for the manufacture and release of products made from organic cotton. Over the years the brand have grown a respectful and appreciated status in France. Meaning they have been trusted to manage the outfits of the French postmen, manufacture outfits for controllers of French railway company SNCF, and also produce uniforms for the French police officers. AFNOR certification presented the brand with an assessment certificate for their overall social responsibility.